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Remote Support

Are you on a business trip? At a friend's house? In a coffee shop in London? Technology issues can arise when you least expect it. Let us provide you with technology support, remotely.

F1 Computer Services Ballito is happy to assist our customers remotely. Remote assistance is convenient for everyone and only requires an active Internet connection, and easily installed software. We’re there to help in your time of technology crisis. 



Network wiring in a nut shell, starts with architecture and putting together the proper pieces of the puzzle to meet your specific needs.

F1 Computer Services Ballito can do this for you. From running a simple category 5e Ethernet wire in your home to wiring a business, easily done. Need to put Wi-Fi in your lounge? Just give us a call. 


Hardware & Software Upgrades

Need to get a faster Graphics Card? CPU a little on the small side? Give us a call at F1 Computer Services Ballito to quote on that Upgrade you need.

And let’s not forget about the software, keep up to date with the latest version of the Programs you use, so you don’t get left behind.

Considering Windows 10? We can help. Tried Windows 10 and want to go back? We can help with that too :) 


Fault Detection & Diagnosis

Fault detection and diagnosis is a key component of one of the services that we offer at F1 Computer Services Ballito.

A “fault” is another word for a glitch. A “root cause” fault is a fundamental, underlying problem that may lead to other problems and observable symptoms. (It might also not be directly observable). A root cause is also generally associated with procedures for repair.

A "fault" or "problem does not have to be the result of a complete failure of a piece of equipment, or even involve specific hardware. Problems might also be caused by corrupted software, viruses and malware, incorrect settings, or even human error.  


Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses, Spyware & Malware are one of the most common computer problems that we see here at F1 Computer Services Ballito.

They can corrupt your information, slow down your computer, delete your files, track your online usage, cause inappropriate pop-ups, record keystrokes and gather financial information. There are now even programs which will ask for your credit/debit card information to “fix” the problem. Don’t let this fool you!

We can remove the infections & also assist you in preventing future infections. Some signs of Virus infection are: Corrupt files, Computer running really slowly, Pop-ups coming all the time, Home page keeps changing, unable to open programs, excessive adverts in your search results, and even files disappearing from your flash drive.

If you think you are infected, help is here! Get in touch and we can help cure your computer.


Basic Data Recovery

Deleted a file? Your machine won't boot up?
There is a chance that we could still recover the data for you. As long as the drive is still accessable from the OS.

F1 Computer Services Ballito can help you ascertain the extent of your data recovery needs. It is very important that you do not try to solve the issue on your own. Doing so may make the situation worse and could possibly result in the total and permanent loss of you data. If you have a drive that is grinding, clicking or making a scraping noise shutdown at once.

If the drive continues to operate in this state it will very likely cause extensive damage to the media housed inside the drive. The longer a drive is allowed to run in this condition, the lower the chances are of being able to recover your data.